Month: April 2022

Bee Location

Vector Control District of Malheur County would like the public help to identify the locations of bee hives that may be in our county. The adulticide that the district uses for fogging adult mosquitos that may transmit/ carry the West Nile Virus during the months of June- September is toxic to bees. The Vector Control conducts spray applications at night to ensure bees are not active. With that being said with knowing the location of bee hives we can set a 300 foot buffer around said location of bees to ensure their safety.

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No Spray Form

With Spring right around the corner and summer approaching quickly that means mosquitoes will start being active. I have added a link below if you would like to be put on the NO SPRAY list for fogging this year please fill out the form. The District conducts ground fogging applications the end of June till the middle of September. There is a 300ft buffer zone set in place around the entire property. If you would like to be put on the list please turn the form in by the first week of June so we can have proper boundaries in place when we start.

Click Here for the Form for No Spray

Survey FormĀ 

With irrigation water being turned on soon, that means standing water around your property and mosquitoes will be coming back!! If you would like your property surveyed for potential breeding grounds of mosquitoes.
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